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In today’s business world, technology has changed the ways organizations operate. In some cases, however, technology has added to inefficiencies that lead to unnecessary costs and expensive manual processes.

At Maine Technology Group, we believe that most businesses could save a minimum of 30%, and in some cases even as high as 70%, on IT-related costs. For many of our clients, this has literally equated to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Companies that don’t have a plan in place to go paperless risk struggling to keep up with the marketplace in the near future.

In addition to the financial benefit, moving from a manual paper process to an electronic one allows companies to meet their compliance requirements, protect themselves from a disaster, provide faster customer support and quality assurance, and much more.

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Business Solutions

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Today, no business can afford the uncertainty or risk of relying on how fast your computer technician can get to you in an emergency. Your IT system is just too important to your business’s survival. If you fall behind on computer or server patches, there are good odds that you will have a disruption in service or, at a minimum, performance issues. Sometimes, you just can’t wait for your "employee’s son who’s a whiz at computers" to find time to fix the error messages you’ve been experiencing. In fact, if your email server or financial software applications go down, chances are you’d be suffering productivity-wise and experience financial losses.

With Maine Technology Group’s Managed IT services, you can have the benefit of full-time IT help at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are a 2-person accounting practice or an international organization, our vast array of managed IT services will keep you operating at peak performance and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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  Carrier Services

Technology advances are accelerating the integration of the communications and IT worlds into a cohesive, inseparable business catalyst. With so many options, the method by which busy executives strategize, source, implement, and maintain their carrier services is more important than ever before.

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive for IT managers who don’t speak the language or fully understand the landscape. Connectivity, compliance, security, uptimes and service levels are just a few variables to manage, and each metric varies from carrier to carrier and from company to company. Through our strategic relationships with 70+ carriers and suppliers, Maine Technology Group is your strategic partner that will help your IT department navigate through the noise, ensuring that your carrier services integrate powerfully with your IT infrastructure and business vision. And we’ll be your single point of contact for all carrier service related issues for your business for the lifetime of your contract.

Why Work with Maine Technology Group for Your Carrier Services:
MTG has created strategic partnerships with 70+ carriers and suppliers that operate in your area. By working with MTG instead of directly with the carrier, you’ll get a neutral, highly invested partner who will:

• Learn your business structure and goals up front
• Understand your IT infrastructure and how it integrates with your carrier service needs
• Determine the optimal solution for your business
• Do the research to source the optimal solution & negotiate contracts
• Implement and support the selected solution
• Stay on with your team to handle all customer service and escalations
• Become an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

Customized Carrier Services Review
Which carrier service solutions are right for your business? Which carriers are best for your location, your business structure, and your IT infrastructure? To help you find out, we offer a complimentary Carrier Services Review to baseline your current voice and data costs, and to design and provide an overview of the cost savings or the efficiency gains available to your company.

Let’s have a discussion. Call us at 207-692-0955 or contact us to learn how we can help your organization with your telecom and data needs.

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